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Most successful businesses are built on solid foundations – relationships are the heart of it. Expand your existing portfolio with a smart workspace system, and introduce a new, recurring payment stream in a brick-and-mortar business. TableAir partner program will deliver new business opportunities to your company and add value to your customers.

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Why partners choose TableAir

“TableAir represents a mature all-in-one solution that has been brought to market at what we believe is the right time. We are seeing a surge in demand for office place management software as businesses tend to shun existing office arrangements and welcome the future open workplace environment that will require the modern tools to go with it. We are impressed with the abundance of features and flexibility already embedded in the application and at the same time cannot help but admire the ambitious future goals of the development team.”

Stoian Lilov
Business Development Executive of SoftwareONE

RTSmart Data

“RT Smart Data is delighted to have signed a partnership agreement with the leading resource booking company TableAir for the UK and Irish Markets. Our Team has been exceptionally impressed with the solution after rigorous testing and greatly look forward to introducing the suite of products to our existing and future client base in these markets. We believe we have the software and hardware expertise to do this and we look forward to working closely with TableAir to achieve a comprehensive solution.”

Martin Wright
Business Development Manager of RT Smart Data

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